ABOUT - Sheryll K Fox

My Art Practise

As a visual artist with a background in theatre, I see each picture I create as having a character which I share with you, the audience. I am interested in communicating moods, feelings or thoughts, without dictating what they should be. So the intentions behind my paintings may resonate differently for everyone.


I am currently exploring the line between realism and abstraction within my work. Painting intuitively through colour, texture, line and mark making. I regularly sketch in the landscape and from life models, then work in my studio from these drawings exploring with experimental techniques in acrylic paint and mixed media on wooden panels.


My Experience

After a degree in Art and Dance in London I worked as an illustrator and designer, illustrating guide books for a publishing company in Devon, then working in two design studios in Surrey, creating concept drawings for exhibition stands, advertising campaigns, logos and more. In more recent years I painted several portrait commissions in oil for clients all over the UK. 


I ran my own stage school for nearly 20 years until recently and still teach a handful of drama students of an evening, which is might explain why you will find me happily chatting away to a video camera in my studio while I paint. 

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Sheryll K Fox - Swindon, Wiltshire - 07799 676282 - sheryllkfox@gmail.com

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