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Golden Girl_SKY_SKFox_Art.JPG

Golden Girl_SKY

acrylic and mixed media on wood panel

40 cm x 50 cm

Lying on the grass watching the clouds float by, delighted by the shapes they make conjures nostalgic feelings for me and reminds me of the metaphor that clouds have a silver lining.

This is Golden Girl_SKY. Here she stands strong surrounded by clouds symbolising the silver lining of a promising future. In the first three paintings I consider the struggle of early teenage years. This image is the next stage where she moves on from school to College where she starts to explore herself and the adult that she is becoming.

These paintings are a reflection on my daughter’s and my own journey through teenage years. The model is my daughter, but her hair colour is mine. The sketches and photographic reference I worked from was created before and after my daughter’s Zoom dance lessons during the lockdown period.

This painting was selected by Beverley Knight as part of  'The ING Discerning Eye Exhibition' 2020 at The Mall Galleries, London.

It is available to purchase for £550. Please contact me for framing and postage options.

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