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'Acrylic painting class'

on Sat.16th November

The class was filled with eager artists almost all of whom had been to previous sessions, but it was lovely to welcome two new artists to the class. A developing trend is mothers bringing daughters and granddaughters too. 

The class focused on texture and drawing from life. We had lots of fun trying new tools and techniques to create different textures. Then sketched ivy from the samples Sheryll brought in from home. Everyone was delighted with the final paintings. Pictured here is a selection. See my facebook page for the full collection.

student artwork ivy.JPG
students artwork ivy.JPG
student artwork ivy.JPG
1. Cloud student piece.JPG
2.Cloud student piece.JPG
3. Cloud student piece.JPG

'Acrylic painting class'

on Sat.12th October

The class brought together another eager group of creative people in Ashbury with some new faces too. Sheryll recapped composition from the last session and then lead everyone through using texture and glazing by painting clouds, which is a subject running through her work at the moment.

'Acrylic painting class'

on 15th September

The class brought together an exciting group of creative people in Ashbury. We moved venue as the village hall was in the final stages of a new floor being fitted. Sheryll based the session on composition and lead the class to create their own paintings from a reference photograph of sunflowers, which she took in France this summer.

Sunflower painting study.JPG
Sunflowers painting from class.JPG
Kat painting.JPG
student painting.JPG
class 8th June_student painting.JPG
student painting.JPG

'Acrylic painting class' on 8th June

The class brought together another 17 budding artists in Ashbury Village Hall. Sheryll lead them through exercises to learn about saturation of colour and glazes to then create a local landscape painting.

'Acrylic painting class' on 27th April

The class brought together 17 budding artists in Ashbury Village Hall. Sheryll lead them through exercises to learn about the qualities of acrylic paint and to create a beach painting.

Feedback was really positive:

"Sheryll, thank you so much. I haven't painted since a-levels and found this morning's class so exciting. The tips and techniques you shared at the beginning meant that complete novices like me quickly knew how to approach creating it. I could have sat there all day 😆. Please do another one. Kat XX p.s. this one is mine... so proud 😊

Ashbury class photo.JPG
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