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All lessons from March 2020 on wards are pre-recorded videos, so you can buy any of the lessons with support materials and take them at a time which is convenient to you.


You will need acrylic painting materials and a computer to complete the lessons. I can send you a list of materials and suggested suppliers, message me.

Virtual Acrylic painting class on Sat. 31st October- 'Poppy Painting Project'

This year with Covid restrictions in place it has been much harder to raise much needed funds for The Royal British Legion and every poppy counts.​ In response I painted a very special Poppy painting, creating a video lesson of 'How to paint your own Poppy painting', which was released at the end of October. I donated £1 of each class fee to The Royal British Legion. If you would like to take my poppy painting class get in touch. You don’t need great drawing skills or experience, just a willingness to try. You just need some basic materials and a little time. You will receive a pre-recorded video by email with written instructions and a reference photograph. I will also be available to support you with any questions in my Private Facebook group.


I then made the original painting available by auction donating 100% to The Legion. If you would like to see me creating the painting see my videos page. The project has raised £470.00so far, through the auction of the painting, prints, the class and two class members selling their poppy paintings too!

Here are  some of the Poppies created in my class:

SKFox_art Poppy project thank you.png

Virtual Acrylic painting class on Sat. 26th September- 'The Old Pocket Watch'

Here are some of the wonderful paintings created in this lesson. The class focussed on creating a textured background and included a new photo transfer technique, with some brilliant results. Here is just a few of the class paintings, please see my Facebook page for more.

SKFox-Art_student painting.jpg
SKFox_Art student painting.jpg
SKFox_Art student painting.jpg
SKFox_Art_student painting.jpg
SKFox_Art_sudent painting.jpg

Virtual Acrylic painting class on Sat. 29th August - 'The Dancer'

Another fabulous painting class on Zoom and Facebook this month. Here are some of the wonderful paintings created in this lesson. Everyone was given the option to change the subject matter from 'The Dancer' to their own personal choice and I love the variety.

The lesson was about saturation of colour and using layers in acrylic paint.

"I loved today's class! Looking forward to next month." Elena


Pictured here is a selection of the work, see Sheryll's facebook page for more.

2. Student_SKFoxArt_Elena_The Dancer.jpg
student_SKFoxArt_ Flute_Birds.jpg
Sudent_SKFox_Art_Jackie_The Dancer.jpg
Student_SKFox_Art_ Jacob_Titantic.jpg
Student_SKFox_Art_ Sue_dancer.jpg

Virtual Acrylic painting class on Sat. 25th July - 'Water Lily'

27 people signed up for July's painting class, with almost half joining in the 'live' class on Zoom. Some painted along and shared their work in our 'private Facebook group', while others are finding a different day to follow the video lesson.

The 'Water Lily' lesson focuses on composition and on creating an image which 'feels' like water. 

"I love that your classes not only teach me new skills and techniques, but introduce me to subjects that I would never have thought of." Jan


SKFoxArt_1. student water Lily painting.
SKFoxArt_3.student water lily painting.j
SKFoxArt_2. student water lily painting.
SKFoxArt_4.student water lily painting.j

Virtual Acrylic painting class on Sat. 27th June - 'The Peacock'

Here are just a few of the beautiful Peacock paintings created on my ‘Virtual Acrylics’ Class in June. The class video was sent out a couple of days before, with most people joining me to paint ‘live’ on the Saturday morning. More paintings came in later from those completing the class in their own time.

“Thank you Sheryll. When I first saw the picture I really didn’t think I would be able to paint it. Turns out you just need a great teacher to show you how!” Mel

"thank you for a great art class - loved the new techniques I learnt from you yesterday" Cath


student peacock.jpg
student peacock image.jpg
Student's painting.jpg
Mel B.jpg
student 4 portrait.jpg
student 2 portrait.jpg
student 3 portrait.jpg
student portrait.jpg

Virtual Acrylic painting class on Sat. 30th May - 'Simple Portrait'

May's virtual class was a new challenge. Everyone painted a portrait of their tutor, Sheryll! She was really impressed by the results. Many of the class had never attempted a portrait before and some have been inspired to continue to paint portraits.

As portrait painting has been such a big part of Sheryll's work, it seemed impossible to ignore this subject matter. Several class members had also requested a portrait class.

Such lovely feedback was received from this class:

“Completely inspired by the last class, I haven’t stopped painting since! Thanks Sheryll.“ Kim

“Sheryll, it was a fab lesson. Thank you soo much. Please put me down for any other classes you do ” Debra

“Really good technical skills learnt today. Really enjoyed it thank you Sheryll” Kat

“Loved your class today Sheryll. thank you ” Caroline

“Really enjoyed this class I must admit I find portraits difficult to do but following your step by step was great thank you” Shirley


student's isolated tree.jpg

Virtual Acrylic painting class on Sat. 25th April - 'Isolated Tree'

April's virtual class grew as more people from further afield could join us. The painting lesson 'Isolated tree' reflected the times of being in isolation and yet staying connected. There is freedom for interpretation in this video lesson, which resulted in lots of unique paintings being created.

Some people chose to complete it in their own time, but most joined a Zoom call and painted together. They were able to ask for advise from Sheryll and feel the community of painting in a group. 

Pictured here is a selection of the work, see Sheryll's facebook page for more.

student's isolated tree.jpg
student painting 'Isolated Tree'.jpg
Student painting_Isolated tree.jpg
student painting.jpg
student 2 painting.jpg

Virtual Acrylic painting class on Sat. 28th March - 'Lavender & Vase'

Sheryll was delighted that her class embraced technology as she took her workshop 'online' in response to the new isolation rules due to the Corona virus. Sheryll provided links to materials and even managed to deliver to those local to her. 

Most followed the video lesson together and joined her Private Facebook group to experience the 'live' support element. Others participated at a time that suited them and everyone shared their work.

"This has been brilliant Sheryll, thanks so much for setting it up." Gill

"Thank you @Sheryll Fox I really enjoyed it!! Definitely put my name down for the next block. Amazing painting a everyone x" Natasha

"Fabulous morning Sheryll. Looking forward to the next one" Sheila

"Better late than never! A lovely afternoon painting with both the girls this time -Thanks all, and thank you Sheryll - we used a combination of the video and the printed instructions and we found them really clear . X" Vicky

vase painting students.jpg
student vase painting.jpg
Student painting from class.JPG

In-person Acrylic painting class on Sat. 29th February

Once again 20 budding artists joined Sheryll in Ashbury Village Hall, Wiltshire to create their own versions of a her hare painting. See her image here.


The class began with a tonal under painting, mixing and working with orange tones. Building to more naturalistic colours as desired. A really interesting variety of  painting studies were created. Pictured here is a selection of the work, see Sheryll's facebook page for more.

Student painting from class.JPG
student painting from class
student painting from class.JPG
student painting from class.JPG
sheryll in art class.JPG

In-person Acrylic painting class on Sat.25th January

It was a delight to be joined by 20 budding artists at Ashbury Village Hall, Wiltshire after a break for the Christmas period. Sheryll created a sample study of the ideas she wanted everyone to explore during the session. See her image here.


The class began by playing with different tools to create texture and learn about the qualities of acrylic paint. Each artist then selected a butterfly from the the reference photographs provided, while Sheryll talked about the idea of symbolism in art. Composition ideas were explored and everyone got to work on their own unique painting. All were impressed with the beautiful selection of final painting studies. Pictured here is a selection. See Sheryll's facebook page for more.

Feedback from the class: "Thank you so much Sheryll. As always, I really enjoyed today. The subject matter felt really special and I cannot wait until 29th Feb.! You really are a fantastic teacher and a very skilled lady!" Natalie

Whole class_Jan20_DSC_0496.JPG
Student mid_class_Jan_20_DSC_0501.JPG
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