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'Acrylic painting class' on Sat.25th January

It was a delight to be joined by 20 budding artists after a break for the Christmas period. Sheryll created a sample study of the ideas she wanted everyone to explore during the session. See her image here.


The class began by playing with different tools to create texture and learn about the qualities of acrylic paint. Each artist then selected a butterfly from the the reference photographs provided, while Sheryll talked about the idea of symbolism in art. Composition ideas were explored and everyone got to work on their own unique painting. All were impressed with the beautiful selection of final painting studies. Pictured here is a selection. See Sheryll's facebook page for more.

Feedback from the class: "Thank you so much Sheryll. As always, I really enjoyed today. The subject matter felt really special and I cannot wait until 29th Feb.! You really are a fantastic teacher and a very skilled lady!" Natalie