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I have completed many portrait commissions over the years. It is a very special experience to create a bespoke piece of art which so personal. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss commissioning a portrait.


Portrait Artist of the Week


I was an avid participant in SKY's 'live' portrait sessions on Sunday morning's on Facebook during lockdown. Each week I challenged myself to see what I can complete within the 4 hour timescale. It has replaced my regular life drawing classes to keep me fresh and challenged.

Portarit of Akram Khan
Portrait of Bernardine Evaisto

Bernadine Evaisto, booker prize winner.
Acrylic on wooden panel 26 x18 cm. 

Akram Khan, choreographer & dancer.

Gouache on paper about A4 in size. 

Portrait of Will Young

Will Young, pop star.

Acrylic on canvas  20 x 20 cm

Portrait of Rankin

Rankin, Photographer.

Acrylic on wooden panel 26 x18 cm. 

Natalie W NHS Hero by Sheryll K Fox

Portrait for NHS Heros

Natalie contacted me after seeing my pledge on Instgram as part of the initiative by artist Tom Croft called 'Portraits for NHS heros'.  


When I sent her a photograph of the painting, she told me that it made her Mum cry (in a good way)!

A little about Natalie: “I’m an Emergency Medicine Consultant. Since the start of the covid crises we separated our ED into two and I’ve been on the covid side. I’ve also had to go full time which has been tough on my three kids. My husband is a doctor too - also on a covid ward. So we tag team for the family.  I’ve found covid patients really tough - especially not being able to have relatives here and talking to very distressed relatives on the phone and not being able to put my arm round them. But the team has been amazing - my ED family have been as resilient, funny, good humoured and compassionate as ever. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else - my job is a privilege and I’m trained and paid for it - I’m no hero, I’m blessed.”

Acrylic on paper 12 x 17 cms.

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