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‘Simple Portrait’ painting

Materials that you will need:

  • Acrylic paint colours: red, blue, yellow & white. If possible yellow ochre & burnt umber.

  • At least 2 paintbrushes: a large & a small paint brush (a small household paint brush can be useful

  • Carbon paper (black or blue) – Alternatively tracing paper.

  • Biro or pencil

  • Blue tac (if poss) or Sellotape/masking tape.

  • A print of the reference photo provided the same size, or similar to your canvas.

  • Either a second print out of the reference photo or view it on a devise.

  • Blue or kitchen roll.

  • A piece of paper: normal printing paper or acrylic specialist paper (for testing colours).

  • A jar, or pot for water.

  • A palette, or greaseproof paper.

  • A hair dryer (to work at a faster pace).

  • Something to paint on either: a canvassed panel, acrylic paper, a primed piece of wood, a supported canvas, or cradled wooden panel.


Remember to protect your table and clothing with covers and an apron or similar.

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