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Materials that you will need for the Orange Still Life Lesson

​Still life set-up (optional) - An orange, a table lamp, some cardboard and coloured paper.

  • Acrylic paint colours: white, yellow, red, cyan & yellow ochre.

I use – Titanium white, primary yellow & red (Cadmium red & yellow is also good)

Optional – cadmium red light and ready mixed turquoise

N.b. Please avoid using very cheap acrylic paint. It will be watery and dull in effect. Suggested brands: Sennelier, Daler Rowney System 3, Winsor & Newton, Golden, Jacksons.


  • Brushes – large and medium flat brushes (approx. size 12 – 4 approx.) More brushes of varying sizes are really helpful and need to be in proportion to your surface i.e. canvas, paper, board.


  • Board/Paper - In this video I use a plywood panel 20 x 20 cm.  You can use 300g acrylic or watercolour paper. If you’re more experienced and have more time you can go bigger. You can use a canvas panel, or canvas.

N.b. I primed my wooden panel with GAC100, then Gesso. You can use white household emulsion, or just gesso.


Optional – finishing touch with Gloss Medium. This will protect your painting and make the colours look richer and deeper. I use Galleria.


  • A pencil to draw free hand (optional)

  • Acrylic/watercolour/print paper for colour mixing

  • I use a painter’s edge decorating tool. You can use a piece of cardboard instead.



  • Carbon transfer paper (I use black) with biro, blue tac and a photo print of the reference image the same size as your board/paper.


TO PRINT - Up to 3 print outs of the photograph:

  1. To sketch on/ or use plain paper, or a sketchbook

  2. If you are using transfer technique

  3. To use as reference - a good print can help, perhaps use photo paper.



  • Blue towel or kitchen roll.

  • A jar, or pot/s for water.

  • A palette, you can use an old plate, or vegetable tubs or greaseproof paper.

  • (request your free copy of my ‘Creating your own stay wet palette’ video)


Acrylic paint is like glue, once dry it cannot be removed.

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