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Golden Girl_calm.jpg

Golden Girl_calm

acrylic and mixed media on wood panel

40 cm x 50 cm

The Golden Girl Series

This painting is called 'Calm', where she  takes a moment to find calm in the surrounding noise. Her hand gesture is a mudra, which focus and direct energy in a yoga pose or meditation. 


The Golden Girl series is an ongoing series of paintings. The first three paintings explore what it is to be a teenager. The intense time trying to find the calm in the chaos. Studying for exams and training for a future of dreams, desires, frustrations and the unknown.

The model is an amalgamation of  my teenage daughter and myself. As I look at her journey through GCSEs and College applications and reflect on my teenage years. The Golden girl being a reference both to her hair and to being seen perhaps from the outside as having it all and not seeing the struggle within.

 have made a short film about the ideas and creation of these paintings which you can see on my videos page of this site and on my You Tube channel.

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