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Materials that you will need for ‘Water Lily’ lesson

  • Acrylic paint colours: minimum: blue, yellow, white, red. I use: yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, cyan & ultramarine blue, cadmium red, black, & titanium white.

  • At least 2 paintbrushes: a large & a small paint brush (a small household paint brush can be useful

  • Something to paint on either: a canvassed panel, acrylic or watercolour paper, a primed piece of wood, a supported canvas, or cradled wooden panel.

  • A piece of paper or sketchbook – for the composition exercise.

  • A pencil, or chalk, or carbon paper & biro (use just one of these depending on which method you chose to sketch your flowers on with)

  • Blue tac (if using carbon paper) or Sellotape/masking tape.

  • greaseproof paper/ paper – (if you want to use to protect areas of your work)

  • A print of the reference photo/ or view on screen.

  • A straight edge – old ruler, cardboard, old debit card or decorating tool (for optional mark making)

  • Blue or kitchen roll.

  • A jar, or pot for water.

  • A palette, or greaseproof paper.

  • A hair dryer (to work at a faster pace).


Remember to protect clothing and surfaces with covers, an apron or old similar.

Acrylic paint is like glue, once dry it cannot be removed.

If you are in the UK these are the suppliers which I use:

Ken Bromley Art Supplies



To book your copy of this video lesson click here.

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