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Materials that you will need for ‘Highland Cow’ painting lesson

  • Acrylic paint colours: white, yellow ochre, burnt umber, cyan, burn sienna, (a little red).

       N.b. Please avoid using very cheap acrylic paint . It will be watery and dull in effect. Suggested brands:                 

      Sennelier, Daler Rowney System 3, Winsor & Newton, Golden, Jacksons.


  • Brushes – a large flat brush, or household paintbrush, a medium flat brush (approx. size 10) & smaller pointed brushes (approx. size 10 & size 2). I also use a palette knife and a rigger brush (which is optional). More brushes of varying sizes are really helpful and need to be in proportion to your surface i.e. canvas, paper, board.


  • Board/Paper - In this video I use a plywood panel 18 x 25.5 cm.  You can use 300g acrylic or watercolour paper. If you’re more experienced and have more time you can go bigger. I find that wooden panels are great for textured work like I use in this lesson. You can use a canvas panel, or canvas.

       n.b. I primed my wooden panel with GAC100, then Gesso. You can use white household emulsion, or just gesso.


Optional – finishing touch with Gloss Medium. This will protect your painting and make the colours look richer and deeper. I use Galleria.



  • A palette knife, a household paint brush, cardboard, DIY tools, a sponge.


TOOLS FOR TRANSFERRING THE IMAGE (optional for those less confident to draw)

  • A pencil to draw free hand or carbon transfer paper (I use black) with biro, blue tac and a photo print of the reference image the same size as your board/paper.


TO PRINT (as reference)

  • I work from a colour reference photograph on standard photocopy paper. It can be useful to print your reference the same size as your Board/paper. A good print can help, perhaps use photo paper.



  • Blue towel or kitchen roll.

  • A jar, or pot/s for water.

  • A palette, you can use an old plate, or vegetable tubs or greaseproof paper.

  • (request your free copy of my ‘Creating your own stay wet palette’ video)


Acrylic paint is like glue, once dry it cannot be removed.

If you are in the UK these are the suppliers which I use:

Ken Bromley Art Supplies



To book your place on this class click here.

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