Acrylic Painting Lessons


Each month I create a new video lesson and on the last Saturday of each month I am available for 'live' support via Zoom and our private Facebook group; 'Sheryll's Art Club' to answer any questions which you have about the current or previous video lessons. Video lessons are available as digital versions which I will email you, or some are now available as DVDs.

You will need to provide your own materials and there is a list provided with each lesson.

Available lessons:

'Snowy Scenes'  

Create three snowy scenes working in a series to encourage a looser style. This lesson also helps you mixing beautiful grey tones.

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'Poppy Painting'  

Paint your own version of this beautiful Poppy. You can stop before the looser stage. You also learn about working with the colour red. £1 of each lesson purchased will go to The Royal British Legion.

'Water Lily'  

Capture the beauty of this flower and be inspired by Monet  to paint water.

'The Dancer'  

Create this beautiful simple image using a mask, or choose your own. Learn about saturated and de-saturated colours.

'Old Pocket Watch'  

Explore textured backgrounds in acrylic and mixed media techniques to create a detailed pocket watch.

Buy digital lesson to emailed


Buy digital lesson to emailed


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